Khairlifestyle is a personal development and a holistic wellness centre. We offer individual, couple, family and group counselling and life coaching. At Khairlifestyle our mission is to support and empower our clients so that they may live their best life in a holistic way incorporating the mind, body and soul.

We provide supportive guidance, various therapy and wellness programmes as well complementary alternative health and wellness solutions. Our services are offered both in person and online. We provide an open, non-judgemental, safe and understanding environment where growth and empowerment take place. We have extensive experience treating individuals, couples, and groups with a wide range of emotional, primary psychological challenges and life matters.

Our approach is generally brief, solution-focused therapy. We integrate a variety of approaches to therapy and the holistic wellness journey, including CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy), supportive therapy and offer alternative/complementary health and wellness solutions. We approach each person, couple and group as being unique and adapt our approach accordingly.

At Khairlifestyle we respect the courage it takes to reach out and ask for help when dealing with personal and relationship challenges. We always consider it a privilege when someone allows us to be a part of their process. We would love to support you on your path towards healing and wholeness.

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From first-hand experience - I know the struggle is real. Having to juggle being a wife, a mother to three beautiful girls, being an ongoing seeker of knowledge and holding two jobs – I have had & still have my fair share of feeling overwhelmed. But with each new day I make choices, a choice to embrace the craze, a choice of self – care and I make conscious decisions on how to tackle everyday challenges. I strongly believe that with every hardship comes ease – and that there is goodness in all situations.

You might not see it right now – but we can find ‘the good’ together.

I am a registered specialist wellness counsellor & Life Coach in private practice. Accredited both nationally and internationally, and a mental health advocate. I have over 10 years of experience and a passion for mental health as well as women empowerment. I teach people how to cultivate self-care and self-advocacy through the lens of optimism.

My knowledge around mental health is also attributed to my Honours degree in Psychology from Unisa and I have worked in both clinical and community-level settings. I have gained a vast variety of skills from working with people from different backgrounds and ongoing training. I volunteered at many prominent organisations such as Family life centre and Helen Joseph Hospital. Being committed to mental health is not only a professional choice for me, but it applies to my practice of teaching individuals’ self-care, learning the importance of knowing how to advocate for themselves and being educated on systems and interventions that can bring forth healing.

I am passionate about empowering individuals. I easily interact with a diversity of people, and provide a safe, non- judgemental and confidential space for individuals to be heard, understood and supported. I’d love to be apart of your journey of healing, self-discovery and growth, or simply just offer a safe and comforting space for you to be heard.

Hi, I'm Mehnaaz Mahomed


  • BA Hons Psych (Unisa)
  • Blackford Academy – Diploma in Counselling (National & International)
  • New insights Accredited Life Coach

Professional Affiliations

  • Specialist wellness Counsellor - Membership registration number: SWC211019
  • Coaches & Mentors of South Africa – COMENSA Membership Number: 5568
  • Blackford Academy – Internationally Accredited Counsellor

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  • Face to face (Gauteng, Johannesburg South)
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  • Session rates from R350 per session.
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